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The Death of Flash AND its best alternative yet.

Posted by SacKydz12 - 3 days ago

The death of Flash.

The death of Flash has finally arrived, and it saddens everyone who grew up with these games (assuming your parents finally got WiFi in their house). An era of a titan in the world of interactive experiences, finally ending. Goodbye, Flash. HTML was better anyways.

The many Mario Flash games I've played.

I wish to mention the Flash games that entertained me for hours on end when I was a kid.

A Koopa’s Revenge 2

I just love this game.

Super Mario 63

I’ve never beaten it but it still got me coming back again and again.

Tuper Tario Tros.

Look okay I just love Mario Flash games. And I also love Tetris, so...

Gangster Bros.

You shoot stuff as Mario...

LR Interactive

This one’s a Luigi themed one so it’s definitely different!

Tails’ Nightmare 2

I’m scared.

Mario Combat


Ultimate Flash Sonic

This one’s my favorite purely because the physics are just so damn accurate to the Sonic Advance series.

So yeah overall if you wanna have a more interesting lineup of web games from your childhood then PLEASE DON’T BE ADDICTED TO JUST MARIO!

Its alternative.

For animators Flash and Adobe Animate are still good tools since swivel exists. As for developers, well, there’s not much..

..apart from an application that nobody seems to remember, an application that seems to do everything Flash did (obviously with a few notable differences), an application that might start the NEW era of Flash, just not Flash. I present to you, our hero, our savior, our Good Samaritan...

Wick Editor!

[slow claps probably idk]

It’s just so damn near-perfect! It’s sorta similar to how Flash approached game development! You have the canvas and the art tools, and you have a code editor, GO WILD! Just turn your drawing into a clip and attach a script to it and code whatever you can! It’s quite beginner-friendly. Just be sure to learn JavaScript along the way (that is, unless you’re an animator in which case you can STILL animate on it).

Please go support the folks behind this great application. They truly deserve it!

The main version is web-only, although they DO have offline versions which are currently in beta. Just be sure to save a .wick file frequently since crashes WILL occasionally happen (on the Desktop version anyways).

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for today!

Rest In Peace, Flash. We shall all miss you.